Smart technology

Smart technology covers the technical applications for energy grids, modern buildings and urban solutions, smart traffic in towns, cities, interurban areas and regions. It helps to professionals and inhabitants at effective work and contributing to comfortable life. Information systems, computer networks and mobile intelligent phone applications provide visualization of data for feedback and decisions.

Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing is measurement and detection area characterized by non-invasive and contactless equipment as lasers, radars, optical systems, spectroscopy, thermography, digital image processing with scientific or technical calculations in research or industry and results interpretation.


Weigh-in-motion allows weighing of moving objects. Our specialization is the weigh-in-motion in traffic with identification of an over limit vehicle including measurement of individual traffic data and traffic flow, too. It utilizes invasive sensors in the road surface or non-invasive bridge systems or other non-destructive approach. The typical output data are incorporated in the digital image.


Client to business relation creation, consultancy, system analysis and technology proposal. Design, approvals and technology solution performance supervision.

Intelligent traffic systems

Intelligent traffic systems represent traffic monitoring and control units connected through telecommunication networks with roads and motorways for increasing their value and become their operation more effective and safe. They possess sensors, cameras, variable message signs, database and information systems and many other components to get information, process it and to implement the control decisions.