Smart Technology

Preparation and implementation of projects and applications smart city in areas of parking, bus transportation, intelligent buildings, heat pumps and safety surveillance  

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing methods, measurements of physical parameters and dynamic interactions of vehicles, traffic flow and road, visualization of temperature fields, vibrations, deformations, optical and laser technology  


Preparation and implementation of traffic counter networks, detectors of moving vehicle, systems for dynamic weighing and weigh stations, traffic flow classification, the implementation of intelligent traffic systems in technological objects  

Intelligent traffic systems (ITS)

Preparation and implementation of an information highway system, its equipment and technology equipment, linking individual sections, preparation and implementation of the information highway system in coordination with the control system of the tunnel, preparation works contract, its performance, coordination of the implementation  

Science, Research and Development


New monitoring and signal technologies and equipment in transport. Overview and selection of traffic technologies, description of theoretical principles. Published in 4 languages, 4200 pages, 35 international authors


Design and preparation of technical and scientific research projects over the substantive content, project objectives, project professional guarantee, secure relationships with partners, solution design relationships, management of project risks, communication with the agency contracting, contract preparation, project implementation, management implementation teams  

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